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Idam going places

Published: 5th September 2019 – DECCAN CHRONICLE

Idam (Abode), starring Seema Biswas and Hareesh Peradi, discusses the life of a 70-year-old widow, who, living alone, battles anxiety, fear and hallucinations about death. Scripted and directed by Jaya Jose Raj, the film has been selected to the competition section of Washington DC, South Asian Film Festival and New Jersey Indian and International Film Festival.

I am a perfectionist, says Seema Biswas

Published: 17th July 2018 – The Hindu

“I feel at home here,” says Seema Biswas. She does appear so, draped in a plain, off-white settu mundu. When we meet the veteran on the sets of Idam, her new Malayalam movie, near Kattakkada in Thiruvananthapuram, the first thing she talks about is Kerala.

Finding the right space for women

Published: 27th June 2018 – Express News Service

There are many moments we cherish during our college days and some of them remain with us as evergreen memories. Jaya Jose Raj C L, who was a student of University College in the late 80s, treasures those joyous occasions on campus when prominent filmmakers of the time, such as Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Padmarajan, used to visit the college. They used to discuss topics related to filmmaking and script writing, which enticed Jaya.

Seema Biswas back in Malayalam

Published: 27th June 2018 – Cinema Express

Bandit Queen-fame Seema Biswas is back in Malayalam cinema once again. The National Award winner has been paired opposite Hareesh Peradi in a film titled Idam, written and directed by Jaya Jose Raj CL. Filming has commenced.


Published: 12th June 2019 – OIFFA SCREEN A

Bhanu’s life is a mixture of reality, dreams and hallucinations. After losing her husband early on, Bhanu brought up her two sons by herself. When they got married and moved out, they left Bhanu alone in her husband’s house. On her 70th birthday, when her sons suddenly decide to sell the ancestral property from under their mother, Bhanu loses her balance in life

US Premiere

Published: 21st September 2019 – Parilla

Life is a mixture of reality, dreams, thoughts and hallucinations. An aged lady living alone in a remote village is prone to all this.
After the early demise of her husband, the protagonist of the story Bhanu brought up her two sons all by herself. When the sons got married they moved out leaving Bhanu alone in her husband’s ancestral house.

New York Indian Film Festival

Published: 11th May 2019 – Auditorium 4 Village East Cinemas, 181-189 2nd Avenue, New York

After the early demise of her husband, Bhanu (seema Biswas), a 70 year old lady lives alone in her husband’s big ancestral house in a rural village. She carries herself with anxiety, loneliness and fears into her old age. Her hallucinations of a lady deserted in a street and Death make her worry about her own existence. The fateful day arrives when her sons make a visit on her 70th birthday, with an intention to sell the ancestral property and take things out of control. The film moves on through the day of her 70th birthday. The film portrays the loneliness encountered by an aged woman in a modern society. The film introspects conflicts faced by an old woman, tossed between love, selflessness and will.

Three Malayalam films on elder abuse

Published: 1st January 2020 –

Idam (Abode) is the first feature film of Jaya Jose Raj where he is the script writer, director and producer. He is an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, in screenplay writing.

Seema Biswas’ bold character in Idam bags award

Published: 30th July 2019 – TIMES OF INDIA

Seema Biswas plays a feisty older woman in Idam (Abode) who is not cowed down by her two sons who want to put her in an old-age home. The role won the best actress award at the Ottawa India Film Festival in Canada in June. Director Jaya Jose Raj says he picked Seems Biswas for the role because the character, while that of a 70-year-old, is still a bold character. When the sons feel the answer to her living alone is to put her in an old-age home, she retorts with a ‘shocking’ idea. She says she will marry again to continue living in the ancestral house.

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