Bodhi Academy

We, Bodhi Academy have been registered under the Travancore-cochin Literary Scientific and charitable Societies Registration Act, 1999

We make feature films on stories that appeal and address human beings and their predicament sans borders. Our films are efforts to understand the journey of life and its philosophy. We choose stories from our surroundings that cater to an international discerning audience.

Our documentaries dealt with the issues of human rights violations, lonely fights for the rights of marginalised communities, unheard stories of struggle for environment protection, unique stories of arts and cultural practice and scientific documentaries to resist practices of superstitions.

We have been active in the field of filmmaking for over two decades and have won awards and accolades.

Our Objectives

  1. We incite studies in the fields of literature, drama, film and documentary.
  2. We produce films, documentaries and drama that catalysis changes in the society.
  3. We encourage literary works which is a headway for the society.
  4. Research in the fields of literature, film,drama as well as zealously preserving old documents.


passion for art is our mission. making films, dramas, documentaries and short films that will make a change in the society. Making visual content that appeal to the globe. Subjects vary from human rights to environment, old age to differently-abled, touching one’s heart with camera.

Encouraging new talents and ideas, imparting practical training to the young blood. Online training for screenplay writing, script doctoring are our future plans